Proud sister moment right here.

My brother recently graduated from the police academy and is now officially patrolling the streets. He's known he wanted to be a cop for a while and on his first day, he shared with me what he was hoping to accomplish.

"I want to be one of the cops that is very involved in the community, and people know me and feel like they can reach out if they are in trouble. When people see me, I don't want them to right away think they did something wrong, but think that I am here to look out for them."

A few days ago, a woman snapped and posted a picture of my brother on the job. (When he first told me this, I thought,"Oh no this can't be good.") However, he went viral for a good reason.

The general rule for parks is they close at sunset. Many people try to push this and stay.

My brother just got on his shift, the sun is setting and he noticed a bunch of younger guys playing basketball still.

He pulled in, went over and talked with them. Technically, he could have asked them to leave immediately, not letting them finish their game.

Instead of that, he decided to join the game and allowed them to have a few more minutes of play time. Not only, did the guys thank him and invited him to play again, but a bystander took the photo capturing the moment.

Recently in the Hudson Valley, there have also been pictures and videos surfacing of police officers going way beyond the job and making the web for good reasons. Hopefully, this is a trend that will continue and we will see more of.

If you see a police officer, thank them for keeping us safe. The more good energy we put out in the world, the more we get back.


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