The first significant snowfall of the season wasn't too horrendous for the Hudson Valley but still isn't any fun to shovel. Did the snowfall that we received measure up to the predictions?

Snow Totals From Sunday, December 11th, 2022

Hudson Valley Weather said many schools across the region were delayed today due to the wet, sticky, packing snow that the Hudson Valley received. Sub-freezing temperatures overnight made certain areas even slicker.

The temperatures will barely get over freezing, but some potential sun later in the day could help improve road conditions. Snowfall totals range from a light coating to 6 inches.

Orange County Urges Residents to Prepare for Winter

Orange County Emergency Management - NY is encouraging residents to begin preparing for winter, which officially begins December 21st. As we have seen from this weekend; however, we know that the winter weather can strike anytime.

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NY-ALERT, New York State’s all-hazards alert, and notification system, is one of the best ways residents can receive emergency information. To subscribe to this free service, please visit If you do not have internet access, you may still sign up for NY-ALERT by calling 1-888-697-6972.

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Below is a checklist of items to have your house and/or car stocked with in preparation for winter weather. Are there other items that people should keep in mind that aren't on this list? Do you know of any special deals that people can utilize to prepare their households?

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10 Important Items to Prepare for Another Hudson Valley Winter

Orange County Emergency Management - NY is encouraging residents to begin preparing for winter, which officially begins on December 21st. Residents should always have the following items available:

17 Top Rated Snow Removal Companies in the Hudson Valley

These 17 snow removal companies in the Hudson Valley have a 4 Star Rating or higher on Google reviews. Be prepared for when the next snowfall hits!

(NOTE: The photos used in this gallery are stock photos and in no way are a direct representation of the companies listed in this article)

8 of the Best Skiing Hotspots Around the Hudson Valley

These 8 ski resorts are the highest rated locations in and around the Hudson Valley according to Yelp, with no less than 20 reviews. Start packing those snow shows, parkas, and more because your next winter weekend getaway can be found right here.

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