If you asked someone how Irish is the Hudson Valley, they would probably say very Irish. If you asked someone how is Irish New York State, they would probably say not as Irish as Massachusetts. It turns out that both of those answers would be correct and not very surprising. What might surprise you though is just how Irish the Hudson Valley is compared to New York State.

A company named Zippia did a study to find out the most Irish states and while they were at it they also calculated the most Irish cities in the US. Below you can see the mapped results they created to from their study. It is a visual graphic of the percentage of Irish folks by state from around the country.

They came up with the results by using United State census ancestry data. They divided the total number of people in a particular state who claimed to have Irish descendent by the total number of residence in that state to reach a percentage that was then used as a ranker. They also used the same equation to determine the most Irish cities in the United States but they only track cities with a population of more than 25,000.

So where did we land? Well New York came in 19th over all in the states race, but one Hudson Valley town made it into the top ten. I mean if you think about it there is at least one Irish bar or pub in just about every town in the Hudson Valley so it shouldn't surprise anyone that one of our town made it pretty far up the list.

As a matter of fact out of the top 25 most Irish cities in the United States according to the Zippia survey, New York had 8 total. So which Hudson Valley town / city took the honors of being number 10 in the top 10? Kingston, New York. I guess we know where the biggest Irish party will be in the Hudson Valley on March 17th.

photo credit: Zippia
photo credit: Zippia

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