A lower Hudson Valley cop found himself in a dangerous situation while shopping in Connecticut.

The Harrison Police Department shared their "Officer of the Month" accolades on social media on April 7th, 2022. Officer Nick Mehlrose was off duty and shopping at the Danbury Fair Mall in Connecticut back on January 15th when he saw an altercation.

According to the Harrison Police Department:

While in the Macy’s department store, Officer Mehlrose observed two loss prevention officers fighting with a large white male at the rear exit of the store. Officer Mehlrose identified himself as an off duty police officer and assisted the loss prevention officers detain the male. The male was actively resisting and would not comply with verbal commands. While attempting to take control of the right arm, Officer Mehlrose observed the male was now grasping a black multi tool pocket knife. Officer Mehlrose was able to disarm the male and assist with restraining the male.

Shortly after, the Danbury Police Department showed up to take the man into custody. However, that is not where the altercation stopped.

The Harrison Police Department explains that when the Danbury PD showed up, a 2nd altercation began. The suspect then got physical with Danbury PD after they loosened his handcuffs upon his request. Then the situation took a scary turn when one officer yelled out  "that the male had grabbed her gun which was in the holster."

Thankfully, the man was unable to take the gun from the holster and Officer Mehlrose once again was able to help in detaining the man.

Harrison PD put it best when they wrote:

An officer is always on duty and many are grateful for Police Officers Nick Mehlrose’s presence and persistence to assist keep this dangerous person from harming others. Great work Officer Mehlrose!

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