More top officials from across New York State are concerned about an "unusual smell" that is making some Empire State residents feel "really sick."

Earlier this week, Hudson Valley Post reported New York State officials are investigating a strange odor that's been reported throughout the Hudson Valley.

"DEC is responding to reports in the #HudsonValley of an unusual odor in the air. DEC has not received any reports from regulated emissions sources about releases that could contribute to the odors described and is investigating," the New York State DEC wrote on social media on Friday.

In a Facebook post regarding the smell, the New York State DEC highlighted Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan and Orange counties.

Unknown Smell In Cornwall, New Windsor, Orange County

Canva/Town of Cornwall Facebook
Canva/Town of Cornwall Facebook

Officials say the smell appears to be strongest in Orange County. One Orange County resident told Hudson Valley Post she "started feeling really sick," after walking her dogs and smelling something unusual.

She says her symptoms also included "dizziness, nausea, throat burning and (feeling) off" adding she learned many others "were also feeling the same symptoms."

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Other residents have reported a strange chemical-like smell and residue on cars, decks and houses. Some say it smells like perfume fragrance adding its "sweet smelling" rather than unpleasant.

Before the DEC commented, we previously reported residents in Cornwall and New Windsor reported an unknown "fragrance" smell.

Some In New York Think Smell Is Coming From Ohio Train Derailment

Mingo Junction Fire Department
Mingo Junction Fire Department

Some on social media wonder if the odd smell is coming from the train derailment in Ohio. A photo of the train derailment from Feb. 5 can be seen above.

However, the DEC believes the smell is coming from a "localized source" because the "unusual odor" is strongest in Eastern Orange County.

"DEC staff determined that the odors are strongest in Orange County, indicating a localized source," the DEC wrote in an updated post.

DEC: No Public Health Threat

silhouette of a man's head
Evgeny Gromov

The investigation into the smell is ongoing, but the DEC says following an extensive investigation, which includes air readings, there’s no current threat to Hudson Valley residents.

"DEC’s comprehensive investigation into the odors reported in the Hudson Valley is ongoing," the DEC stated. "No imminent public health or environmental threat was detected based on initial air readings taken by DEC."

However, it appears the smell is spreading to Upstate New York.

Odd Smell Spreading To Upstate New York?


Rensselaer County officials are calling for air monitoring in Rensselaer County and Upstate New York following the Ohio train derailment.

“The size and scope of the release of hazardous materials in a neighboring state like Ohio is an obvious concern and should be assessed in Rensselaer County and upstate. I am concerned about any threat to the health, environment and quality of life of our residents in Rensselaer and in our county,” Rensselaer Mayor Mike Stammel.

On Tuesday, Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin called on the federal government to monitor the count and upstate for hazardous materials from the train derailment.

“Since we issued our call for EPA air monitoring on Tuesday, there has been a significant response from residents supporting the monitoring in our county. Residents are applying common-sense to the situation, and recognize air monitoring by EPA is a responsible next step," McLaughlin stated.

What You Must Do If You Smell An 'Unusual Odor' In New York State


The DEC also wants Hudson Valley residents to speak out if they smell anything or have any more information.

"The public is advised to contact the NYS Spill Hotline: 1-800-457-7362 and DEC’s Region 3 Office: (845) 256-3000 with any additional information," the DEC tweeted. "In addition, New Yorkers with health questions about air pollutants can call @HealthNYGov's Bureau of Toxic Substance Assessment at 518-402-7800 during business hours or email"

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If your call is not answered right away the DEC recommends you leave a message so someone can get you back to you as soon as possible.

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