The Orange County Fair Speedway announced today on their official website that racing for this weekend has been canceled. The news comes just a few weeks after they had to announce that they had to once again race without fans.

Early this year the OCFS opened their racing season without fans present to watch. They made it possible for race fans to live stream the races from their homes. Eventually they were able to open their Drive In section to race fans who wanted to attend races in person. OCFS put in place policies and protocols which made it possible for race fans to attend races while still following social distancing guidelines related to the COVID-19 Outbreak.

Unfortunately, a week or so back on July 18th 2020, the track was told that once again, they would have to race without fans present at the speedway. This meant that racing could continue but in order to watch you had to order the live stream. Then, today word came down that OCFS would have to suspend racing until further notice. This time the shutdown order came from the Governor's Office.

In the release today (July 30th) on the OCFS website they stated "It is with our deepest regrets that we must inform our fans and competitors that we cannot at this time return to our regularly scheduled Saturday Night racing events.  Saturday, August 1st is no longer on our schedule, but we are not calling it quits for the season.  Racing will return to OCFS when we can get our Drive-In sections opened back up."

Read the complete release along with an explanation on how all of this transpired click here. 

From what I read it seems to me that a lot of people including officials in Orange County and at the Orange County Speedway are working hard to bring both the competitors and the fans back to the OCFS as soon as possible. COVID-19 has tried all of our patience but it is important that we keep a positive outlook. Here's to hoping this all gets work out soon for Hudson Valley Race fans.

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