Are you spending some time casting lately? Are you looking for Stripers? There is something that you might not know you are doing wrong as you cast looking for your fish. What do you think it could be? Well, it is something that New York State officially adopted on April 15, 2021, just after the season started.

So, what is it? The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has implemented the mandatory use of circle hooks as the type of hook you will need to use for fishing for striped bass.

Why? Well, pretty much everyone does the catch and release method of bass fishing, thus, by using the circle hook, you will cause less damage to the fish when you release them. The DEC also says that this will help to protect the striped bass species which is apparently being over fished.

Here is what the DEC has to say about the circle hooks:

Circle hooks are designed to slide out of the throat if swallowed and hook the lip or mouth of a fish resulting in fewer injuries compared to a traditional J-hook that is less likely to slide out of the stomach if swallowed.

When can you not use a circle hook and it is okay? When you are using an artificial lure.

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