While the calendar says fall, the weather feels more like summer making the Hudson Valley hiking trails a popular place to stop throughout the weekend.

On Sunday, October 22nd, a 59 year-old hiker took to the trails at Bear Mountain. ABC 7 New York is reporting that the 59 year old suffered through a cardiac emergency while on the mountain right after 2:30pm.

The NYPD Aviation Unit was called to assist the hiker. When the hiker was located a Tactical Medic was lowered down to the area where the man was waiting. After the medic reached ground, the victim was placed on a backboard and secured in the helicopter.

According to ABC 7, the hiker was taken to Westchester County Medical Center were he is expected to survive.

When taking to the trails around the Hudson Valley always be prepared for any type of medical emergency. Bring a backpack with you as well as a cell phone and water just in case the trip doesn't go as smoothly as planned.


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