I think its safe to say one of the most popular, if not THE most popular, ice cream in New York State comes from Stewart's Shops.

Stewart's Ice Cream The Best in the World?

There's no argument that the ice cream is delicious. There are even awards to prove it. In 2022, Stewart's won the top prize at the World Dairy Expo. 4 of Stewart's flavors took home top awards, Peanut Butter Pandemonium, Mint Cookie Crumble, Mango Dragon Fruit, and Salty Carmel.

Stewart's Ice Cream is For the Dogs!

Stewart's Shops recently shared the story of a man from Scotia New York named Paul. Paul visits his hometown Stewart's location daily with his service dog named Holly and gives her a special tasty treat every visit... a cup of Stewart's vanilla ice cream.

Over time, Holly has gotten used to only the best products from Stewart's and has become a bit picky when it comes to what ice cream she eats. Paul tells Stewart's "My wife and I lived in Tennessee and took Holly for ice cream there and she tipped the ice cream over and she wouldn’t eat it! She will only eat Stewart’s ice cream!”

According to Stewart's Holly, the service dog is brand loyal and loves the staff and customers at her local Stewart's Shop in Scotia. The feelings are mutual, Stewart's writes "The customers love Holly just as much as the partners and the shop! It is a great experience for both the community and for Holly as well. Holly is very loyal to the Stewart’s brand."

Paul also adds that having Holly as a service dog is amazing telling Stewart's:

“It’s amazing what service animals can do. She thinks before I do!”

What's your favorite ice cream flavor from Stewart's? Do you have a go-to snack? Let us know and in the meantime, take a look at some of the delicious options to choose from below!

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