The Upstate New York based NXIVM group is facing allegations for branding one of their members. 

What exactly is a cult or extremist group and does NXIVM fit the criteria?

According an article in the Times Union, the group NXIVM was created by business mogul, Keith Raniere in Colonie NY. Raniere is even a graduate of a Capital Region University. NXIVM gained notoriety and came into the public's eye after it was investigated by the Attorney General over suspicion of being a “Ponzi scheme.”

NXIVM claims to offer “personal development" and "self help." and still has a strong presence in New York.

According to New York Upstate and The New York Times, the secret group is being accused of branding it's female members. Other sources claim that women members are required to give their male "masters" nude photos to use against them should the women speak out against the group or disclose any secret information about NXIVM. One member even filed an official report with the New York State Department of Health.

NXIVM has had it's share of controversy over the years. Some experts declare it a cult? Should it be treated as such and should it be investigated further?


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