If you translate February in Hudson Valley talk it means "month of wild winter weather." Okay, that's not factual information, but you have to admit it's pretty accurate.

It feels as though every time we look at the latest forecast for the Valley there are at least 2 or 3 days that promise annoying, if not significant, amounts of snow and winter weather.

From late Monday night to early Tuesday morning, the Hudson Valley felt the effects of several different storm patterns across the US. Ice, rain and cold weather froze over the Hudson Valley in typical February fashion.

While the commute into work was a slippery one, it looks like later this afternoon and evening things will actually warm up. Hudson Valley Weather is reporting temperatures in the upper 40's and partly cloudy skies, with a possibility of showers.

With said warmer temps and the addition of possible rain, flooding is possible as is dense fog.

The New York State Weather Service is warning drivers to take things slow later this afternoon and tonight. In a tweet they said:

Temperatures are rising everywhere this morning as the rain moves out and with a snowpack on the ground, locally dense fog is likely through the morning. Make sure to be cautious when driving!

If you are planning on driving this afternoon and tonight here are a few tips to follow when driving in the dense fog according to The National Weather Service:

We're used to difficult weather during the winter in the Hudson Valley, but if you have the option to stay home do so and stay safe!

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