There is an old saying from the 70's "Don't leave home without it". Back then it was and add for American Express travelers checks. Now we are talking about your passport. There are new rules for where and when you need a passport. It use to be that you thought nothing about traveling to Canada or Mexico without a passport. Now a days that is not recommended.

Most people from other countries such as in Europe or Asia are used to having a passport to travel. Some of my family travel frequently out of the United States and can't imagine not having a passport. When I was younger and traveling with my Dad I had a passport but it expired and I haven't traveled anywhere that I need one since that date. I guess you could say I don't get out much.

Anyway recently I have had to consider traveling out of the USA and it has come to my attention that some of the trips I use to take now require at least and enhanced license (which I don't have) or a passport. so where do you get a passport in the Hudson Valley? Turns out you can pick up the form at your local post office and you can often get you picture taken there as well.

Passports make great Identification and if you have one when you travel domestically they can come in handy. There is also something called a passport card. Check into which would work better for you and then make a plan to get one soon. After all if you win the lottery and are ready to travel the world you don't want to have to wait on getting a passport. It can take 4 to 6 weeks to process a passport application and then an additional 2 to 3 weeks on top on that before you receive it from the passport office. And BTW there is no guarantee you'll get one.


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