Would you go to see a concert or attend a wedding that wouldn't allow you to use your cell phone?

It looks like some places are starting to prohibit guests from using any cell phone during events buy using a product called Yondr, that basically locks up your cell phone until the concert or event is over.

I've been to hundreds of weddings in the last 20 years and one of the newer trends at receptions is that the bride and groom ask their guests to please refrain from using cell phones during ceremony and even at some receptions and this new product could make it real easy to prevent people from using their phones.

Here is how Yondr works, as you enter the phone free area you will be given a Yondr case and you will put your phone inside the case, once the phone is inside the case, it will lock and you won't be able to open it until the end of event. You'll maintain possession of your phone at all times and when you leave phone free area you will be able to unlock the phone by tapping it on any of the Yondr unlocking bases.

The idea to go phone free is that we should be able to enjoy whats going on in front of us without the distraction of our phones.

Would having to give up your phone before a concert or any event bother you? Would you skip event because of this? Let us know what you think on Facebook.

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