New Yorkers are uneasy after learning that white supremacists have declared Saturday a day of action which could include violent acts.

Police departments in New York, New Jersey and other states are increasing patrols and plan to have a bigger presence after social media chatter called for violence on Saturday, February 25. The date has been described as a "national day of hate" by anti-Semitic groups.

NBC News reports that police departments throughout the New York area would be stepping up their presence, although no "specific" threats have been identified yet.

A flyer reportedly from the NYPD has been circulating on social media that describes the "overtly racist anti-Semitic" chatter on social media about Saturday's plans.

According to reports, hate groups are being encouraged to display banners, distribute flyers and use graffiti to spread their message. They're also being told to video or photograph their actions for others to see online. A message from one of the hate groups says that "inaction is unacceptable" and that their goal is to "shock the masses."

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The Hudson Valley is home to several large Jewish communities, so local residents have expressed concern over the possibility of targeted actions throughout the region. Police are advising residents to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity.

Violent Clashes Erupt at "Unite The Right" Rally In Charlottesville
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Meanwhile, the Anti-Defamation League is encouraging people to counter the messages of hate with kindness. A message on the group's Twitter feed says that although Saturday's demonstrations are meant to intimidate people, it's important to remain united in a display of positivity.

If you witness any hate speech or groups spreading racist propaganda, police ask that you contact local law enforcement.

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