Do you remember how old you were when you got your Social Security Number? Depending on your age, it might just seem like you have always had one. What do you do with your Social Security Card? Do you keep it in a lock box or safe under the bed?

Is it important to know your social security number? You might only have to use it when you fill out paperwork for a new job or your taxes, but there is something that there are so many people are doing with their cards that you really should not be doing.

Do you keep your Social Security Card in your wallet?

Social Security To Increase Payments By Largest Amount In 40 Years
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Do you keep your Social Security Card in your wallet? You might want to think twice about that! If a potential theft can get your Social Security number than they can very easily start to steal your identity and your credit. Keeping the Social Security Card in a place like your wallet makes it very easy to ruin your life.

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Where should you keep your Social Security Card?


Your Social Security Card should be treated like a winning lottery ticket or your pot of gold that you found at the end of the rainbow. You should protect the heck out of that thing. When you are not doing something like filling out your job application or getting your income taxes done, your Social Security Card should be in a lock box, safe, or safe deposit box, as it is the key to getting credit for someone else in your name.

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