New York State driver's licenses and state IDs have a fresh new look with enhanced security features.

On Thursday, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles today announced that it will begin issuing a new driver's license, permits and non-driver ID cards that incorporate upgraded security features.

“At the DMV, we pride ourselves on providing secure identity documents to millions of New Yorkers and we introduce enhanced features every few years to stay at the cutting edge of emerging trends,” DMV Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder said. “We are confident in the security features on our current ID documents, however, the new security features on our redesigned documents will keep us one step ahead of potential counterfeiters.”


DMV customers who apply for a new license or ID and those who renew or replace an existing document on or after Thursday, March 10, will receive the new document., officials say.


"The new security features can be verified with the naked eye and by touch," the DMV states.


Some of the text and images are embossed and can be felt.

On the Enhanced Driver License and non-driver ID cards, the embedded chip is now exposed. Both the clear windows within the document and the state seal have been redesigned using a process called multiple laser imaging, officials say.

The process involves engraving two images into the card so that the image being seen changes when viewed at different angles. In addition to the motorist’s photo, the image now displays their birth month and year when viewed at a different angle.

Security features on these documents are used to verify the document’s authenticity and to prevent tampering and counterfeiting.

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