A new deal aims to keep your money in your pocket and could pave the way for universal childcare.

On Thursday, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced state lawmakers agreed on the 2023 New York State Budget. The Senate and Assembly are expected to have all of the budget bills passed by the end of Thursday.

New York State Budget Passed

The budget includes 13 major changes to New York State. You can see all of the changes below.

Governor Hochul Makes Announcement With Mayor Adams In New York City
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Among the new items is increasing funding for and access to childcare across New York State.

Increased Funding For Childcare

"The children who are not quite school-age, those who are not in pre-K, those parents who desperately need childcare, I am proud, as a mother who had to leave a job because I could not find childcare many years," Hochul said on Thursday while announcing the New York State budget.

Facilitating the Creation of Statewide Childcare Options

Hochul confirmed lawmakers approved investing $7 billion into childcare.

" (I'm) proud to announce that we're investing over $7 billion over four years into childcare. Let me repeat that, $7 billion over four years into childcare. That's more than double the level of New York's current support for childcare subsidies," Hochul added. "It's broadening the eligibility substantially for childcare options for families and through our investments, we'll be able to open the door to childcare for more than half of the young people in New York. And that is spectacular."

Universal Childcare?

While not the universal childcare some New York Democrats wanted, top officials believe this helps New York parents right away and could pave the way for universal childcare care in the future.


“What we’re seeing in New York could propel us to the national forefront,” New York Policy Director for All Our Kin, a national nonprofit organization that supports child care providers who work out of their own homes, Steven Morales told Chalkbeat New York.

13 Major Changes Coming To New York State

13 Major Changes Coming To New York State

The Senate and Assembly are expected to have all of the budget bills passed by the end of Thursday.

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