Looking to find a sweetheart this month? Statistics say it is way better to play the field in New York.

Getting a special someone a gift for Valentine's Day can cost a small fortune. Dating can be expensive too but maybe way cheaper if you live in certain states. Thankfully, New York is a dating haven for the pocketbook.

According to data released from Wallet Hub, New York is the 4th best state for single people.

New York currently has an extremely high share of single people. So, at least there's plenty of fish in the see.

We also have the most restaurants per capita of all states in the nation. We all know there's no shortage of places to take a first date here in the Hudson Valley.

It doesn't hurt to know that we've got the most movie theatres per capita as well.

It's almost like New York was designed for dating so don't take the plunge just yet. Relax, have some dinner and try to catch a flick or two.

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