It seems lately that every where you turn there is something going on with one of America's favorite gameshows, Jeopardy! The show made famous for making us put all of our answers in to the form of a question just can't stay out of the news ever since it lost it's longtime beloved host Alex Trebek.

Today I found some interesting information about the show that you might not have known.  A company named Coventry Direct shared via email that they had comprised all kinds of statistics regarding Jeopardy! during the 37 seasons that were hosted but Alex Trebek and some of them may leave you scratching you head.

Feel free to glance at "What are all of the Stats" but I thought I would highlight the ones that involve us New Yorkers.

1 - Let start with New York ranked #2 on the top ten list of states with the most contestants. California ranked number one with over two times as many contestants.

2 - New York may have been on the show more often but New Yorkers by no means won more money. We didn't make the top 10 in the earning stats. The number one state for earning was North Dakota.

3 - New York also wasn't on the top ten for least amount of earnings either. So not so bad I guess, Pennsylvania took the honor of being the states earning the least on Jeopardy!

4 - Most recently a Hudson Valley native appeared on Jeopardy!, Molly Feibel a Dutchess County woman was on this past June.

Other fun stats in the report by Coventry Direct include breakdown of contestants by profession, most common names and winnings by most common names.

One of the things I didn't realize until I wrote this article was that Jeopardy! has only been on TV since September 10th 1984. I would have gotten that answer really wrong and not because I didn't answer in the form of a question.

Unfortunately, ever since Alex Trebek passed the show has been trying to find his replacement. It has been easy. They recently announce who would be finishing out the 2021 season (Host for the remainder of 2021). The show had originally named Mike Richards the new host but his tenure ended after only one show (New host Mike Richards quits amid controversy). A few famous folk from the Hudson Valley have taken a stab at hosting, Hudson Valley Celebrities who hosted Jeopardy! but none of them are in the running for the job on a permanent basis.

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