As we get ready for Christmas this week, my son Avry is really excited for Christmas Eve because of our family's special tradition.

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Avry was born here in Buffalo in 2005 but when he turned one we ended up moving to Delaware. From there we have lived all across the South from Myrtle Beach to Panama City Beach and beyond. Every year my parents and in-laws would send Avry's Christmas presents to us early so he would have them on Christmas morning.

Well, like any kid, Avry would always want to snoop around and check out his presents so we deiced to start a new Fields' family tradition.

We decided that every Christmas Eve, everyone in the house gets to pick one present from under the tree to open up a day early! It is fun to see my son shake the presents to figure out which one to open. Of course, it is always a gamble since my wife and I now like to trick him and put some things in big boxes and triple box other items.

Now we have been back in Buffalo since 2018 and we still continue our tradition. Of course, it puts more of a strain on our families since they have to shop early and get the presents to use before Christmas. At least now that we are living back in Buffalo, they save on shipping and can just drop off the presents in person.

Now, opening up Christmas presents on Christmas Eve is not our only tradition. Check out some of my Family's other traditions. Plus let me know if you do any of these or what special ones your family has.

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Dave's Family Traditions

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