Many Hudson Valley residents are concerned about a deer that has had a pumpkin stuck around its nose for at least 10 days.

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On Nov. 13, Karen Kovac Warburton took to Facebook asking for help with a deer seen near the border of Orange and Rockland counties.

The deer was seen with a plastic pumpkin attached to its face in Ramapo.

Karen Kovac Warburton
Karen Kovac Warburton/FB

"Trying to save the deer in photo. She has a plastic pumpkin attached to her face. The Ramapo PD are aware of the situation. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to get close to the deer to free her. Any assistance is appreciated. She travels Church Road," Warburton wrote.

Firefighters and police have been trying to help the deer but it runs away every time someone gets near.

Karen Kovac Warburton
Karen Kovac Warburton/FB

"The Fire Dept was out with the police last night trying to catch the deer but the deer can see and keeps running when someone gets close to her," Thomas Stevens wrote on Facebook Monday night.

Residents are still worried about the animal. On Monday, Susanne Nadell-Scaccio posted about a "new tactic" to try and help the deer.

Susanne Nadell-Scaccio/FB
Susanne Nadell-Scaccio/FB

"Ok, so new tactic to help the doe with the Pumpkin on her snout...we all need to contact the DEC Police Dispatch line at 845 256 3013 and the DEC Region 3 Wildlife Office at 845 256 3098 and follow the prompts until you reach a living breathing person. We need to BOMBARD them (with) calls asking them for a net. They can lend one to Ramapo PD. That's the only way we are going to catch her," Nadell-Scaccio wrote.


Update: On Tuesday around noon, Joe Miller wrote on Facebook stating the deer was freed:

Pumpkin head has been freed! I'm not really a face book guy but with all the concern about this poor buck with the pumpkin basket stuck on his face, I wanted to bring some good news. My friend has seen pumpkin head in his yard in Airmont on a regular basis since the beginning of his ordeal and like everyone else was concerned about his problem. I made a snare that I hoped would work and he put a hook on a pole thinking he could pull the pumpkin off if was close enough. In any event when he saw the orange pumpkin in his yard this morning he went out assuming the deer was lying down as it was low to the ground and was thrilled to find just the pumpkin and no deer! Apparently sometime last night he managed to get the strap over his button antlers and the bucket fell off. He was gracious enough to leave it where it could be found so we would know the outcome. The photos are from the other day. By the way the bucket that was found today has the same dent that you can see in the photo I'm sure this little guy felt all the positive vibes from all that were pulling for him.


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