The Hudson Valley has had numerous new businesses open within the past year. Some of these local businesses have been restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops and more.

The Galleria at Crystal Run in Middletown, NY has had new businesses open.

J's Seafood Kitchen, Selfie Galore and Codigo Fama are some of the many new establishments that have brought their own flavor to town.

An Orange County, NY café said goodbye to their well known coffee and pastry shop and look forward to bringing Italian food to the community with their new business.

In Newburgh, NY, one of a kind businesses have lit up the once forgotten streets.

Liberty Street Bistro, The Wherehouse and Mama Roux are some local, fan favorite spots to visit.

Newburgh Restoration has provided the community with info about new businesses opening.

Newburgh Restoration has provided the community with information in regards to two, new businesses that are opening in Newburgh. Newburgh Restoration is more than a blog but more so a go to outlet of exciting new beginnings happening in Newburgh. This blog began in 2008 and is written by Cher Vick who graduated from Hunter College in New York City.

What does Newburgh Restoration bring to the Hudson Valley and NYS?

Newburgh Restoration helps encourage the growth and revitalization of this beautiful, historic city. According to their website, this is done "by encouraging economic development, new businesses, rehabilitation of houses (vacant and occupied), home ownership, resident interviews, and the Newburgh arts scene."

Have you heard of Newburgh Restoration?

Not only do Hudson Valley residents appreciate the sense of community that Newburgh Restoration has provided but other outlets do as well. The New York Times, HGTV and more have been in contact with them. I think that Newburgh Restoration is exactly what this city needed. It's enjoyable to know that they don't cover topics that are related to politics and anything controversial. Newburgh Restoration's website shows all of the smiling faces from community events and gatherings. There are also before and after pictures of buildings. Newburgh Restoration stated that two new businesses will open up next to each other in Newburgh, NY.

When will these new businesses open?

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According to their Instagram post, a new ramen place will be opening on Lander Street in Newburgh. In addition to this new business, a coffee shop will be next door.

District Ramen will open in November, 2022.

What new businesses are you excited to see open? Share with us below, lets continue to support and small shops in the Hudson Valley.

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