We are officially into the 2017-2018 school year.

Last week we had some back to school fun on air. We talked about our most memorable first days of school. Mine was in 5th grade when I was so scared of my teacher that I threw up right before leaving for school. It was traumatizing. I digress.

We also got into our lunch boxes and backpacks. CJ remembered his special Evil Kenevil lunch box while I took a walk down memory lane with my Lion King gear.

It got us talking with the rest of The Wolf staff about old school memories. So I figured we would play a game of Never Have I Ever.

If you have never played before these are the rules : Someone will ask if you have ever done something, if you have you say "I have" and if you haven't you say "Never." It's a lot more fun when you're drinking.

CJ, myself, Paty Quyn and Beth Christy were all in the hot seat for Part 1 of Never Have I Ever: School Edition.

Stay tuned for Part 2 when things get a little steamy.


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