There's a 50% chance your kids are still enjoying their candy that they worked so hard for on Wednesday during Halloween.

Every year a reminder floats around to check your children's candy before they eat it. The fear of someone hiding a razor or needle in the bite sized treats is still common.

On Thursday it was reported by New10 ABC in the Albany area that there had been a needle found in a piece of candy.

Hoosick Falls police had received a report about a sewing needle found in a mounds bar that a young child had gotten while trick or treating. New Yorkers were on high alert when the picture made the rounds.


However, there is nothing to actually worry about.

It turns out, after a police investigation, that the child who found said sewing needle was just trying to play a prank on his father.

News10 remind those in the Hoosick area "that there is no danger of tainted candy in the village as it was the only report of such an incident in the Hoosick Falls area."

While it was a considered a prank, it's better to be safe than sorry. There's no harm in checking your child's Halloween candy before they eat it.

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