Is there really one month that's more popular than another?

Most of us look forward to our big day each and every year, and depending on the age your turning will have a lot to do with how big or small the celebration is, right? As kids our birthdays are so exciting!!! Now as I've made way through my forties things not quite as exciting...LOL, but that's just me!

One thing I do know is that the are a few months in a year that I seem to have way to many birthdays to celebrate. According to a bunch of different statistics the month of August seems to be the month that has the most birthdays across the country.

August is the Most Popular Birthday Month

According to Unity Point, August is the most popular month for births because if you do the math and work backwards a late August birthday means December conception. Think about December, its cold, we get snowed in, romantic time in front of the fireplace, snuggling and more all make for the perfect ingredients for what some call "human mating season".

That's kind of funny because in my world I don't think I have one birthday to celebrate in August....LOL! I do have one month in the year that has more birthdays than any other, we call it the "birthday month" and in my world its the month of April. Both of my youngest kids were born in April, I have four distant family members that celebrate in April as well so needless to say its a big card and gift month.

Does your family have a birthday month?

What month is it and while your thinking about it how many birthdays do you celebrate in the month? Call or text us through the Wolf country app and be listening for us to mention your family.

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