The Peregrine Falcon's of the Hudson Valley have quite the sense of humor.

The New York State Bridge Authority shared that the Peregrine Falcon's who have a nest on the Mid-Hudson Bridge, pulled a fast one on us.

It was previously reported that the Mid-Hudson Bridge nest was hosting 3 Peregrine Falcon eggs, however, it was revealed on Thursday, April 1 (yes, on April Fool's Day) that there are actually 4 eggs waiting to hatch.

Last week the New York State Bridge Authority shared the news that the Hudson Valley was on baby falcon watch. They also shared that the NYS Bridge Authority has a camera in place that reloads every 10 seconds or so, so you can follow along on the baby falcon journey.

There is no due date, but we're guessing it could be any day now.

Peregrine Falcon's are pretty common here in the Hudson Valley. They are known to make themselves comfy in high rise buildings and bridges. The Department of Environmental Conservation explains:

The falcon prefers open country from tundra, savannah and sea coasts, to high mountains, as well as open forests and tall buildings. Nests are built on high ledges, 50 to 200 feet off the ground. The nest itself is a well-rounded scrape and is occasionally lined with grass.

After the baby falcons are born, they will stay in the area for around six weeks. During this time they'll learn how to survive by developing their flying and hunting skills around the Valley.

You can be on baby Peregrine Falcon watch and follow along through the photo-stream or by following the NYS Bridge Authority on Facebook. 


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