What is it about Melissa McCarthy? She can't make a movie or appear on a talk show and not make you laugh the entire time she is on set. Well maybe in "St Vincent" it had a few serious parts, but the rest of her films have kept me laughing from titles to credits. Well get ready because she has done it again and this time definitely don't take the kids. Even though this film includes  a brownie like troop I am going to say it is not "Girl Scout approved."

Check out the trailer for "The Boss" coming to theaters this week

I will be seeing this film with friends and once again I expect to be compared to Melissa as always. I am not sure what it is about her and I but I have a hard time denying the similarities. Ever since "Bridesmaids" and "Mike and Molly" I haven't been able to shake being compared to her by people who know me and by people who have just met me. It is weird but I have given up fighting it, now when people say "you remind me of that actress, what's her name?" I just finish the sentence, Yes, Melissa McCarthy. Is it weird I think it is a compliment?

Bonus video - Melissa taking on Jimmy Fallon in the Lip Sync Battle.

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