College students are flooding the Hudson Valley as school flows back into session and sporting events are in full rotation. However, a decision at Marist is seeing some backlash.

Yesterday, the NCAA announced that they would be pulling the first and second round games in the Men's Division I Basketball tournament out of the Greensboro, North Carolina arena. North Carolina has been under fire for the past few months after refusing to pass the House Bill 2 law.

Back in March when the HB2 law was proposed and North Carolina decline it, New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo(like many other state governors)banned any state sponsored, non essential, travel to North Carolina. SUNY Albany, a state school, was scheduled to play their first men's basketball game of the season against Duke University on November 11th of this year. In support of Gov. Cuomo decision, SUNY Albany announced they would not travel to NC to play Duke.

Marist College in Poughkeepsie quickly filled the void. After ESPN reported and confirmed the schedule change, alumni and HB2 supporters spoke out against Marist' decision.

As of September 2nd, the Marist Men's Basketball schedule was finalized with their first away game to take place at Duke University.