Add Margo Price to the growing list of Nashville musicians who are openly admitting to using marijuana. Price is so much of an advocate of the substance that she is developing a new line of weed in collaboration with Willie Nelson’s cannabis brand, Willie’s Reserve.

Price, who says she uses the substance to help with back pain and insomnia, will debut her new strain sometime later this year—an exact date, as well as what she plans to name it, hasn't been pinned down yet.

Price says that she drinks alcohol, but when it comes down to it, she prefers smoking pot. "I look forward to a day when I can be completely open with preferring to just smoke," the singer told High Times. "I think it makes everyone completely peaceful, along with all the other benefits."

Currently, marijuana is illegal in Tennessee, which makes it still somewhat stigmatized. "There’s just such a grey area for it [in Nashville]. I feel like it’s pretty socially accepted, but it’s really not in certain circles here," Price notes. "That’s why I mostly hang out with musicians; they’re outsiders and weirdos, anyway.”

Price is no stranger to entering political/social arenas. She told Rolling Stone Country her opinion of President Donald Trump: "I don't understand how people think that some rich guy that has been handed everything his whole life knows anything about the struggling working class"; and has been one of the few country artists to speak up to advocate for gun control after the mass shooting that killed 58 people at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas in October, despite the fact that her father used to help feed her family by hunting.

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