A major retailer has decided to no longer offer paper bags to Hudson Valley customers starting next month.

Two years ago New York State passed a law essentially outlawing the use of plastic bags at stores. As a result, many stores required customers to bring their own bags or charged a minimal fee to purchase a paper bag. Some stores, such as Target and Walmart, continued offering customers free bags but switched the complimentary service from plastic to paper to abide by the new law.

Well, now it appears that one major retailer has decided to eliminate paper bags altogether. Not only will the practice of giving customers free bags be eliminated, but purchasing paper bags will also no longer be an option. Every shopper will have to bring their own bag or find a way to juggle all of the items they purchase while walking back to their car.


A sign in front of Walmart explains that paper bags will no longer be offered in New York State starting on January 18. While the sign is located at the Kingston store, sources tell us that the policy will apply to all Hudson Valley Walmart locations.

Earlier this year Walmart announced that it would no longer offer paper bags for free or purchase. Instead, customers would have to bring their own bags or purchase a reusable one at the store. The new policy change has been framed as a way to protect the environment however, analysts point out that it's also a move that will save quite a bit of money for the company.

Walmart says that paper bags will no longer be offered for in-store shopping or pickup. Delivery service will still utilize bags when necessary. As of now, Target is still offering complimentary paper bags to customers at all of its Hudson Valley locations. There's no word if the company is contemplating whether to follow Walmart's lead or not.

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