Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, took in the singer's 13-year-old nephew Til following his brother-in-law's unexpected death last year, and during an appearance on Ellen on Tuesday (May 19), Bryan opened up about how life is going with a teenager in the house.

Bryan's brother-in-law, Ben Lee Cheshire, was married to Bryan's late sister, Kelly, who passed away in 2007. Til now lives with Bryan and his family, and while things are now wilder than ever at the "Kick the Dust Up" singer's house, he's thankful they were able to take Til in.

"Now I have my 7-year-old, Bo, and Tatum, who's 4, and we have my 13-year-old nephew, Til," Bryan, 38, tells DeGeneres. "It's baseball, getting them to baseball," he adds, laughing.

While noting that "you can kind of control a 7-year-old," Bryan concludes that caring for a teenager is a different story altogether.

"You're not fooling a 13-year-old," he says. "But we love it. We feel honored that we are so blessed to take him in. He has two older sisters, too, so now I'm kind of like, we gotta do the whole 'scare whoever, the boys that they are talking to.' I have to play that role, too."

Bryan and his wife have been caring for Til since last fall. They both believe it is part of God's plan for their family. "You know, we just stay positive. I think people expect that from me," the star says. "I have to pray that people that have had similar situations can maybe look at my family and see me positively dealing with it. I'm not saying it's easy."

Also on Tuesday, Bryan released a new single and announced a shelf date for his new album, Kill the Lights.

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