According to one popular British singer, some of the best onion rings in the world are right in our own backyard.

When you think of food, the Hudson Valley and Catskill region is pretty much a foodie's dream. From dive bars in every county with phenomenal fried food options to fine dining cuisine at places like the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park, we have quite an array of food options to choose from.

Singer Lorde (Royals, Mood Ring) must have been visiting the area at some point this month and made a pit stop at the Phoenicia Diner. A little back story, according to, Lorde also runs a separate Instagram account called Onion Rings World Wide... where get this, she reviews onion rings from around the world.

Lorde has rated onion rings from places like Gowings Bar & Grill at the QT Hotel in Sydney to Humboldt Brewery in California. One of the most recent posts comes from the Catskill region.

Onion Rings World Wide posted the following on Sunday, October 3rd:

That is quite the review and it looks like Lorde's recommendations have fans rolling through the Catskills.

If you take a look at Phoenicia Diner's Instagram account and watch their IG stories, you'll see them sharing videos with captions like "Thanks for the rec @Lorde."

The Phoenicia Diner is no stranger to the spotlight. Back in March of 2021, the diner was closed as Hollywood took over and reimaged the diner as "Pips Bar and Grille" for a new project. It went back to its classic Phoenicia Diner after filming.

The Phoenicia Diner is located at 5681 Route 28 in Phoenicia if you're looking to give those onion rings a taste test for yourself.

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