I think most of us have looked on craigslist for one thing or another. I also think most of us know that you have to be REALLY cautious as to who you deal with.

I feel really bad for these people. According to ABC 7, Anita Marin and her husband from Houston, saw a truck advertised on Craigslist back in February and wanted to purchase it.

$15,000 was the price they agreed on, so she and her husband agreed to meet the seller, Jassen Clayton Doherty in person to test drive the truck.

Marin and her husband told ABC 7, they gave the cash to Doherty and he gave them a receipt. He did not give them a title to the truck. He told the couple he was going to pay the tax, title and license. He was going to change it to her name and she would get the title in the mail.

Everything seemed great until about 3 weeks later when the a repossession man showed up to take the truck.
That's when the Marin's learned the truck had a loan on it that Doherty never paid off so the truck was repossessed by the bank. Doherty is now behind bars for an unrelated crime in Houston and the Marin's are out $15,000.

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