Country duo LoCash (formerly the LoCash Cowboys) have partnered with Stonum Vineyards of Lodi, Calif., to create their own signature wine line.

Operating under the label Shipwrecked, the brand will include a Sauvignon brand, which is available now, a Cabernet blend, Chardonnay, old vine Zinfandel and Syrah.

“We have always been huge wine guys,” says singer Preston Brust. “A good bottle of wine is like a good song – its various ‘notes’ and aromas take your mind and senses to new depths. It’s a creative experience. I think that’s why we like it so much.”

In 2014, the pair met Jonathan Ozor, who owns and operates Stonum Vineyards alongside his cousin, winkemaker Michael Stonum.

“We met in Aspen, Colorado and bonded over a bottle of our 2010 Old Vine Zin,” Ozor recalls. “I was immediately impressed by Chris and Preston’s deep knowledge and passion for wine. We talked about wine all weekend and I couldn’t wait to introduce them to Mike."

The men decided to combine their mutual love for wine and create a signature new line.

“Shipwrecked is a state of mind," says Lucas. "Whether you’re 'shipwrecked,' on an island in literal terms, 'shipwrecked' at your job, in a relationship or some other way in your personal life, things can always be made better by great friends, great music and great wine."

Their first wine is the 2014 Shipwrecked Sauvignon Blanc, which is now available for purchase. The wine features hints of lime and grapefruit alongside light bursts of apricot and peach. The cool, refreshing drink is the perfect choice for a warm summer evening. Each bottle is $28.

In addition to perfecting their new line of premier wines, LoCash are staying busy with musical performances. The duo will be playing at the Taste of Country Music Festival and the Colorado Jam this summer. We'll bring the bottle opener.

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