Preston Brust and Chris Lucas of country duo LoCash experience heartache and hard times just like everybody else does -- but, they say, fans won't hear much of that side of their lives on their upcoming album.

"There's always heartbreak in someone's life, but we don't sing about heartbreak," Lucas clarified at a recent media event. "We write about it, but we don't sing about it."

LoCash's newest single, "Feels Like a Party," is no exception: Marrying uptempo, danceable beats with their trademark feel-good lyrics, the duo chose to focus on the positive, and they say that's typical of their forthcoming project's tracklist as a whole.

"[Songs about heartbreak] don't make the album, for some reason. All the positive songs make our album," Brust goes on to say. "And I think that's a little tip of the hat to how we live our life."

Adds Lucas, "We stuck with the LoCash mentality, man. There's a lot of stuff behind the scenes -- a lot more ups and downs. But we keep it positive."

LoCash have said in the past that there have been moments where they thought about hanging up their artists hats, like in 2011, when they lost their record label deal and Lucas' dad died. However, overcoming their darkest personal and musical moments has made the pair even more grateful to put out celebratory hits such as "I Love This Life." Plus, it's made them stronger as a duo.

"We have each other to lean on when things get down or things get tough," says Brust. "We find a way to dig each other out of a hole and keep going in a positive, upward motion."

LoCash announced in August of 2018 that they had signed with BBR Music Group, and they released "Feels Like a Party" shortly thereafter. They are planning to release their next full-length project in 2019.

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