Roost Studios in New Paltz is looking towards the future of art in the community by offering a Student Art Competition where the winners will be awarded scholarship money. Roost Studies is committed to helping students realize their full potential. They have dedicated $2000 in scholarship money to the competition that will include an art exhibition. The competition is open to New Paltz High School Seniors and to SUNY New Paltz art students. The idea is to have a student exhibition while offering an opportunity to compete for scholarship money.

The Emerging Artist Award is available to New Paltz High School seniors who wish to pursue a higher education in the arts. One student will receive $1000 in scholarship funds. The Roost Boost Student Art Award will be awarded to 4 artists and is available to SUNY New Paltz art students who are demonstrating excellence and dedication in the arts. Each of those winners will receive $250.

I have a very artistic family. My sister and a few of my cousins are accomplished fine artists. Not being an artists myself I never tried to win an art contest but I have watched many of my family members compete. A lot goes into creating a piece for competition that's why it is so hard sometimes to pick a winner. But a winner must be selected and that is probably why Roost Studios & Art Gallery has pick some amazing judges for their Student Art Competition. Emmy Hastings who's career has included 20 years as an illustrator for an NYC publishing house, Kevin Cook who is one of the Hudson Valley's most awarded and talented luminist painters and Barbara Lane who among her art talents enjoys being a "Repair Coach" at the New Paltz Repair Cafe.

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