This isn't your Grandma's Homemade Apple Cider but she might recommend you make some for what ails you. On October 7th you are invited to join the crew at Two Chicks Apothecary in Highland Falls to brew up your own batch of Fire Cider. Now hold on, get you head out of the bar, this is not that kind of cider. It is a health cider made with all kinds of ingredients you may not think go together but my suggestion is try it, you might like it.

Every winter I search for a beverage or brew that I can enjoy and know that it is going to help me ward of a cold or even the flu. It is a know fact that certain foods can help your body build up a resistance to the winter germs we get hit with in the Northeast. On October 7th you can attend class in person or online to learn how to make a batch of Fire Cider that will hopefully keep you healthy all winter long.

This cider will be the perfect thing to help you ward off the cold we are expecting this winter. The Farmer's Almanac has said we are in for a cold snowy winter so having your cider made and ready is going to be a good head start on staying warm.

I know some of you are doubting the idea that this mess of weird veggies and spices might actually help keep you from getting a cold or the flu. And I am sure some of you are thinking it must taste awful. I say have fun making it. Try it in small amounts when you first get to taste it. Afterall what do you have to lose? Worse comes to worse you just have weird vinegar but if it works you may go this winter cold free.

Can't wait to take the class check out the video recipe below.

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