Now that Cinco de Mayo is over, will you forget about the lime? I hope not! Limes aren't just for margaritas. They aren't just a wedge you stick in a beer. They are a delicious fruit that offers lots of options for food and drinks. When I was growing up my mom probably made more limeade than lemonade. I can still see that can of frozen Minute Maid Limeade in the freezer.

Mom and Dad had a favorite adult summer beverage that they made during BBQ's that called for Limeade so there was always plenty of it on hand. Of course, Mom always mixed up a kid-friendly batch for us non-drinking partygoers. I can still remember one of my friends asking why my mom's lemonade was green.

Nowadays, it is fun to make these types of drink from fresh fruit but I'll be honest: the Minute Maid Limeade tastes pretty fresh. So next time you are thinking lemonade try limeade at least once. You might end up a convert like me.

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