It's the weekend before Halloween and maybe you procrastinated a bit about what to be for Halloween this year. Maybe you had every intention of staying home this weekend, watching your favorite thrillers, but then your friends convinced you that you have to come out and have some fun.

Whatever the reason, if you find yourself without a costume for this weekend, here's a quick and easy costume idea to make, that doesn't cost a lot, and that you can totally make yourself, trust me.


How do I know this, because while I am a sewer, I am not, I repeat, not a costume maker. However, late this summer I was asked if I could whip up a simple troll costume. It came together pretty quickly, and we even made a fake nose with hair sticking out of places you wouldn't normally want hair sticking out of.

Beth CHristy
Beth Christy

So, take a deep breath, head to your local fabric or crafts store, buy at least 3 yards of burlap and watch the video below. You'll be set for Halloween before you know it.

Here's a few additional tips, while we simply used double-stick tape for the photo, it won't last for an evening of trick-or-treating or a Halloween party. I'd recommend using string or twine to tie it around your head. This costume will be really big, but there's plenty of room to create a lump on the back or to add a pillow to the front of the costume. Have fun and make it yours.

Happy Halloween!

Bonus Video

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