Owls are birds that conger thoughts of mystery and lore. Here in the Hudson Valley we are lucky to have many varieties of owls. The best times to hear or see local owls are in the evening or the early hours of the morning before the sun comes up. Owls are considered some what mysterious. This may be due to the fact that you will often hear an owl without being able to seeing an owl. Owls are capable of being very stealth.They can actually fly silently thanks to the shape of their wings.

Owls also add mystery to the night simply because they can lurk in a tree appearing to turn their head all the way around and stare directly at you without moving a feather. Whatever it is about the owl's mannerism it's call, it's stealth flight or it's head rotation Owls make the perfect creepy bird to accompany a dark fall night.

Owl Perching on Tree Branch
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A Great Horned Owl is the reason for my fascination with Owls. It all happen during a first grade field trip to the Museum of the Hudson Highlands in Cornwall. The museum had an injured Great Horned Owl in their care who would just on it's log so still you didn't think it was real until it blinked. He had me at Hoot. Anyway now I collect everything owl and I am thrilled they are back in fashion, housewares and pop culture.

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The Barred Owl has to be my favorite owl. It is the only owl with all black eyes. It's sweet look and unique call is the reason for my admiration. This is the owl that make the sound that people refer to as the owl who says "who cooks for you".

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