Skijoring might not be exactly what you had in mind as a winter sport this year but it sure looks like it would be a lot of fun. I always joke that my winter sport is snowmobiling because I can't ski and ice skating hasn't worked out well either. So I would consider skijoring if I could be the one on the horse.

According to Wikipedia "Skijoring" is a term derived from the Norwegian word Skikjoring which means to ski drive. This sport which entails being pulled around seems similar to water skiing but there is no boat instead there is a dog or a horse. There is also an official organization in America.

Snow Boarding can be fun but trying it behind a horse is not for a beginner. Don't try this at home or on the farm without the proper training and equipment. This is the type of adventure that could end up worse that couch surfing behind a pickup truck.

Bonus video check out CNN reporting on Horse Racing Skijoring Style.

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