There are many ways to protect oneself in New York State, and while this is not to condone or endorse any specific one, here is the information that you will need, should you decide to go this route.

Do you have a taser? Do you think that they are an effective way to defend yourself? Does it come down to whether or not it is actually legal to have one on your person, as a concerned citizen of the State of New York? What does the law say? Does it say anything? 

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Is it legal to carry a taser on your person in New York State?

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While there are some really odd legalities involving pepper spray in New York State, what does the law say about tasers? What is a taser? According to, a taser is a handheld device that incapacitates a person by transmitting a 50,000-volt electric shock.

New York State does classify the possession of a stun gun or taser as Criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree. Here is the wording according to the New York State penal code, § 265.01 

A person is guilty of criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree when: (1) He or she possesses any firearm, electronic dart gun, electronic stun gun.

If being able to have a stun gun or electric taser was legal in New York State, would you consider it a way to protect yourself? Should you have to go through a training and permitting process to be able to do so?

Here is what happens when you illegally possess weapons: 

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