Lady Antebellum have just released a new album, Heart Break, and they are taking fans into the studio and writing session for a behind-the-scenes look at one of the new songs, "Good Time to Be Alive."

The superstar trio wrote the song with busbeee, Will Weatherly and Emily Weisband during a particularly productive working trip to Florida that yielded a number of other songs.

"We'd never written like this before, where we had a lot of writers in at the same time," Charles Kelley explains in the video above, which is debuting via Taste of Country. "It's really great for me, who has ADD; we'd have an idea started in one room, and the minute I would get stuck or something, I would say, 'I need to segue for an hour.'"

Weatherly and Weisband began the track for "Good Time to Be Alive," and Kelley began vocally riffing along to the wordless chant that they wrote for a melody, slowly developing the track.

"I remember hearing Charles just start to sing this in the room with our co-writers, and it just fit his voice so perfect," Hillary Scott recalls.

The soulful pop-country track is uplifting both musically and lyrically, and comes off as a respite in hard times. "Yeah, it's a good, good, good to be alive / This world could throw me anything with you by my side / It's a crazy, perfect, messed up, beautiful ride / Yeah, it's a good, good, good to be alive," the trio sing in the chorus.

"We wanted the lyrics to really represent all of the positives in life," Dave Haywood states.

"Everybody feels like so much crazy stuff is going on, and I think it always will feel like that in some ways," Kelley reflects. "And you have to kind of remind yourself, 'Hey man, it's good to be alive."'

Heart Break dropped on June 9, and the project — the band's first after a hiatus that saw them stretching their creative wings outside of Lady A for a year — shows a group that has been reinvigorated by their time away. Lady Antebellum have already scored a hit with the funky first single, "You Look Good."

Heart Break is available for download at iTunes.

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