Since the start of 2023, there have been a lot of changes in the Hudson Valley with local businesses. A fan-favorite coffee shop, Java Jo's in Orange County, NY closed its doors, the infamous Tony Boffa's Restaurant was replaced by YiShan Korean Restaurant in the same building located in Middletown, NY, and a 'premiere' Hudson Valley treat shop shared the details of how they are expanding this winter to bring in a new experience for guests in the Spring.

For some, this may be the best news that Hudson Valley residents have heard this year. If you're a foodie who enjoys visiting new spots all over the Hudson Valley, then you will be excited about this.

A New Restaurant Is Opening In Kingston, NY


While we have watched businesses leave uptown Kingston such as Bop to Tottom after being open for 20 years, others have also opened.

It's exciting to see new opportunities come into play right in our area. Not only does this bring the community together, but it also supplies jobs, supports local business and creates a better environment to be involved in.

Ulster County, NY residents get the first pick at this exciting new business. Did you hear about a new restaurant opening in Uptown Kingston?

Ole Savannah's, Dave Amato Is Bringing More Flavor To Ulster County, NY

Hudson Valley residents are very familiar with the popular restaurant, Ole Savannah. This "Waterfront Warehouse" is a place where families and friends have gathered and shared meals for years. Ole Savannah also provides a space for special events of all kinds such as weddings, parties, events and brunch.

Dave Amato is not only making our hearts happy with the news but our stomachs and taste buds too.

Brickmen Kitchen + Bar Will Open In Spring Of 2023

Just when you thought that you couldn't get enough of Amato's, Ole Savannah opens up a new restaurant. This will be perfect timing as the warmer months are approaching and its location allows guests to window shop in other local businesses before or after their meal.

Guests can look forward to Brickmen Kitchen + Bar which will be located in Uptown Kingston, NY. 

Do you remember Boiston's Restaurant? It will now be in the same location.

What Will Brickmen Kitchen + Bar Bring To The Hudson Valley?

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

Kingston, NY has one of the most historical roots in the Hudson Valley. It was once referred to as Wiltwyck. It's fascinating that Kingston was also New York's first capital.

Driving around Kingston, have you ever noticed all of the historic factories? It's possible that our ancestors once worked there. Residents can now live in a once forgotten, shirt factory.

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Just as Brickmen Kitchen + Bar is bringing new memories to the former, Boiston's Restaurant, something similar is happening with the once forgotten, IBM building. In 2022, the announcement surfaced about the 200 million dollar plan that was set for the IBM building.

As we continue to welcome new businesses in Ulster County, it's important that we share the historical parts that made Kingston special.

Dave Amato shared that the name behind his new restaurant, "Brickmen" was inspired by his grandfather who worked in brickyards and started a union.

The restaurant will be designed by Jackson Creative and the consulting chef is Certified Master Chef Dale Miller. Guests can expect a modern dining experience with both, indoor and outdoor seating.

Brickmen Kitchen + Bar

47 North Front Street, Kingston NY 12401

What would you like to see come to the Hudson Valley? Share with us below.

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