If you saw glass breaking over the weekend, it was probably my fault and I'm sorry.

But not really.

I've been a Kacey Musgraves fan since her album "Same Trailer, Different Park" was released in 2013. I saw her open open for Willie Nelson at Bethel Woods in 2014 and I was hooked. Obviously, being the fan girl that I am, I followed her on social media. As of late Kacey's Instagram account has been on fire with her new favorite Amazon purchase.

After several posts from Kacey covering artist like Celine Dion, NSYNC, Britney Spears, TLC and even herself, I knew what I needed to do. I had to get this wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone.

So I did. And my life has been changed for the best.

I went to Amazon and just typed in Wireless Bluetooth Microphone, and boom. $20 later I'm basically a professional performer. There may even be video of me performing a classic Bon Jovi song from 1986...

Sync the mic up with your phone and download a free karaoke app and you have hours of fun in the palm of your hand.



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