Looking for some thrills and mystery? UPAC has just the show for you.

In November the Ulster Performing Arts Center, in Kingston will be hosting Josh Gates Live!

If you're not familiar with Josh all you really need to do is turn on the Travel Channel or Discovery Channel. He's the host of a handful of adventurous shows like Expedition Unknown (Discovery) and Legendary Locations (Travel).

Personally, I know Josh Gates from the show Destination Truth. More specifically, the Romania episode where the plane Josh was on lost its top and then later, during an investigation in the woods, DT member gets thrown by an unseen force.

And who could forget Josh's other team member Erin Ryder who has ties to the Hudson Valley!?

During his UPAC show Josh will be sharing stories about some of his crazy adventures, maybe some insight on the big foot issue here in the H.V. and hopefully give us some details on his hunt to figure out The Secret.

You can see Josh Gates Live Friday, November 15th at UPAC at 8pm. Tickets are on-sale now.


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