I've always found Jesse James to be one of the most vexing characters of the wild west and Missouri state history. Some consider him a hero while many maintain he was a cold-blooded killer. Nearly all would agree that his death and the reason why is one of the great mysteries of the state. Some Missouri ghost hunters claim part of that mystery has been solved by none other than the ghost of Jesse James himself.

I am not a believer in communication with the dead, but I find this recent investigation at Jesse James farm in Kearney, Missouri interesting. First of all, if you're a paranormal investigator that's seeking to solve a mystery involving Jesse James, you have to respect that they at least went directly to where he lived part of his life and was laid to rest at least twice.

Soul Searching carried out this investigation and their video share of what they discovered is only weeks old. They used electronic equipment that's designed to hear frequencies and sounds not normally audible to the human ear. It was when they placed one of these "spirit boxes" on a picnic table that they started to get answers to their questions.

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"What do you believe?"

Soul Searching via YouTube
Soul Searching via YouTube

Legends of America refers to Robert Ford as a "dirty little coward". Wikipedia calls him "was an American outlaw who killed fellow outlaw Jesse James on April 3, 1882. He and his brother Charley...went on to perform paid re-enactments of the killing at publicity events." Greed sounds like a pretty reasonable guess as to what motivated his murder of Jesse James while his back was turned adjusting a picture on the wall.

Historians will tell you that Robert Ford met his own end being shot in the neck when he was just 30 years old himself. If it was greed that motivated him pulling the trigger on James, he didn't get to enjoy the fame or fortune for long.

My personal belief is that these investigators spoke with real deceiving spirits who may very well have been involved with the outlaws and the evil deeds they did that day. Doesn't really matter if it was the real Jesse or Z James that passed along a murder motive as all of those characters now lie in the dust of Missouri history.

Jesse James Farm in Kearney, Missouri

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