It's finally haunting season. Also known as my favorite time of the year.

We know the Hudson Valley is filling with historic and haunted landmarks. During this time of year many historical societies will host graveyard and ghost tours. A friend of mine mentioned there was one this past weekend in Beacon, of course I had to check it out.

We started at the Howland Cultural Center and the tour guides took us through a short .5 mile tour in the surrounding area. Our first stop was at the Madame Brett Homestead. It is the oldest home in Dutchess County and is known to have a few haunting tales. Including people waking up to a woman standing near their bed.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The tour took us through the history of Beacon and Dutchess County all while sprinkling some spooky stories and small scares. A "soldier" came running out of nowhere at one point and I nearly took off running in the other direction.

We were also told about the horse statue at Fairview Cemetery. Allegedly there is a horse statue that if facing a certain direction will determine if some one will die. Creepy.

Overall, it was a great time and I learned a lot about on of my favorite Hudson Valley towns. Will you be doing a ghost tour this haunting season?

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