I have never done this before and I will NEVER do it again.

Over the long Presidents Day weekend me and a few of my friends headed down to the city to check out a Rangers game. They were playing the Philadelphia Flyers which is always a good rivalry game.

Let me also say all the friends that I went with were guys. This story proves you should never leave plan making up to men.

They wanted to wait to before the game to buy tickets because the "ticket prices will drop" allegedly.

The ticket prices didn't drop.

So we relied on a last resort and found some upstanding community members scalping tickets outside of Madison Square Garden. They offered us tickets for $60 a piece. Two of the guys were over it and just went to the bar. I took one for the team and bought the tickets with a friend who really wanted to go.


We get to the door where our tickets are scanned and we were DENIED. The tickets were fake.

In the end we bought some decent tickets off of Stub Hub, but we were also out $60. Lesson learned. Lesson one, never buy scalped tickets. Lesson two, never let men plan anything last minute.

The positive outcome? I met Billy Bush on the beer line during the 2nd period.

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