If you missed it, back on Friday Jess and I decided that to make the Super Bowl a little more exciting, we needed to lay a wager on the big game. Kinda.

We didn't bet on the outcome of the game, which I still can't believe that the Philadelphia Eagles won, we bet on how long Pink's version of the National Anthem would be. The over/under set by the odds makers in Las Vegas was 2 minutes, 120 seconds.

Jess decided to say that Pink would sing longer than 120 seconds and I took under 2 minutes. The loser of the bet would have to take their favorite beverage, in a can, shakin', to the face.

After watching it about 10 times we came out with our official time of 1 minute 55 seconds. YES VICTORY!!! Finally! Here is Jess paying off the bet...

Great job Jess and congrats to all Eagle fans on the big win!!

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